"I have traveled extensively over the years with business travel, thus putting significant stress on my body. During these years I dealt with some extremely competent chiropractors to help me minimize pain and improve my motion. While these chiropractors were highly regarded, none of them can compare with the expertise, knowledge and patient focus that I have received from Dr. Bruce cherlow. This guy is simply amazing. His approach to your total care and attention to your total needs are unparalleled in chiropractic practice. If you want to deal with the very best for your chiropractic healthcare needs, look no further, contact the best of the best...Dr. Cherlow. " Darryl B.


" My husband and I have been going to Dr. Cherlow for around 3 yearsnow, not just for monthly adjustments, but when I've had specific aches and pains. Dr. Cherlow is so very personable that i look forward to getting my treatments. I always feel better when I leave. He knows what he's doing!" Kim B.


"Saves me everytime I'm in pain and keeps me being able to do everything I want! Best chiropractor around and appreciate all he does for me!! Love Jenn, Kelly and Danny they are all great! Checks on me when having a really bad flare up. More like family than a doctor!!" Nicole A.


"I love this practice! My wife and I have been going here for 5 years. Dr. Cherlow is a great chiropractor and just a very friendly and nice guy. I've also had deep tissue massage and acupuncture here. The two women managing the office up front, Jennifer and Kelly, are very friendly, personable, and helpful. I highly recommend going here!" Billy A.


"I have been going to Dr. Cherlow for years. I also tried several chiropractors before finding Dr. Cherlow. The entire office is friendly and always helpful. Dr. cherlow knows what he is doingand goes over and beyond to be sure I am okay. He has even called me at home when I was having issues just to check on me. I love the personal attention and great adjustments. I highly recommend Dr. Cherlow for your chiropractic needs" Kathy J.


"Awesome professional! Dr. Cherlow discovered my husbands problemat the first time he went there, before years suffering with his back pain.The treatment is making him betterand better! Thank you" Alessandra N. ___________________________________________________________________________

"Dr. Cherlow is great chiropractor. Great place and staff I recommend to all my friends." Raul N.


"Staff is extremely kind and accomodating, Dr. Cherlow is excellent. Highly recommend! Ron F.


"After carrying a postal sack on my left shoulder for 15 years, I developed constant tingling and numbness into my left arm and hand. These symptoms were present for three years. I was scheduled for carpal tunnel surgery. My surgeon had to temporarilly cancel, at which time my mother referred me to Dr. Cherlow. After two and a half months of chiropractic treatment, all of the numbness and tingling are gone! I also feel as if a 20 pound weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Obviously the surgery has been canceled for good !! I now use chiropractic care to maintain the mobility in my neck and to fight off early degeneration." Kay H.

"I have been under chiropractic care for about six weeks now, originally looking for relief from chronic sinus pressure and headaches along with general stiffness in my neck and shoulders. It's been several weeks since I've taken a sinus pill and I feel much better. How great is that?" Jessica S.

"When I came here i could hardly walk, sit or move without discomfort. I was a prisoner to pain for a long time which eventually took over my life. It caused a whole personality change. Now, after 10 months of therapy with Dr. Cherlow, I am turning back into me. I can resume my life in an almost pain-free state. I can smile and concentrate on doing the things that make me "me", and make me a happy wife, mom, grandma of six with the seventh on the way." Debbie M.

"Four years ago I had stress headaches and muscle pain, however at the end of six months I was off 800 mg of Advill a day. In addition, the support system of the office helped me recover from old habits." Gail G.

"Before going regularly to Dr. Cherlow, I was always having trouble walking and back pain constantly. Thanks to Dr. Cherlow I can now state, honestly, that I have no back pain and can walk in places like Disney World for hours. The staff have always been pleasant and accommodating." Elizabeth W.

"When I was pregnant, I suffered with middle and low back pain, as well as sciatica. After 3 weeks of chiropractic care I was pain free and five months later had a 30 minute natural delivery." Jessica R.